Corporate Quality Director

We are looking for an experienced Corporate Quality Manager or Director to be responsible for administering the company quality program in accordance with customer and company requirements.

Specific Responsibilities:

Responsible for maintaining and continuously improving the Morgan Quality Model
Responsible for full implementation of the Model's four pillars
Manage and mentor the Quality Engineers located at all the plants
Auditing and leading adherence to Morgan's quality procedures as outlined by the Quality Model
Lead the Supplier Quality Improvement process
Lead and hold the President's Supplier Quality Improvement meeting
Insure at least two quality issues/problems are solved and documented at each plant per month
Develop and maintain a problem solving culture within Morgan Operations
Maintain and track Morgan's Warranty Growth Process
Drive infant warranty down to 2 incidences per hundred at all plants

Requirements include:
4- year technical degree
Five to ten years of technical experience, of which two to three years should be in quality administration/management.

Don't Be Fooled

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